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Alden’s for sale.

I don’t really have room for some of these guys and frankly don’t have to wear a suit to work anymore and they just aren’t being worn. Prices and descriptions are below, but in general these all fit a normal width 10.5 size shoe in US. PM if interested, or need a bit more info. PayPal only, and $20 shipping inside the US.

  1. Black Calf Short Wing, 11 Aberdeen last \ $350
  2. Blue Suede Chukka 10.5 Plaza last, flex sole. \ $400
  3. Burnish Tan Cap Toe Boots (Unionmade Exclusive) 10D Barrie last \ $450
  4. Blue Suede Tassel Loafer, 10.5 Copley Last \ $400
  5. Burnished Tan/Blue Suede Saddle, Flexwelt sole, 10D Barrie \ $400
  6. Whiskey Cordovan Balmorel Shortwing, Resoled, 10.5 Hampton Last  \ $300

*All sold as is, no returns. All shoes are boxed, bags, and trees. They’ve all been taken care of extremely well, polished regularly, and have zero flaws. Normal sole wear and small wear marks are of course present.

Moving Sale

If you’re a Medium in tops or a 10.5-11 in most shoes, you’re going to be in for a fucking treat soon…